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Hey there i have been on the depo shot for over a year now and was wondering if anyone who is also on this shot ever

had a drop in libido? unfortunately i am one of those people who would never be able to remember

to take a pill on time which is why i am on the shot. I love

it but my partner and i have noticed a severe drop in my sex drive.

Was wondering if i should get my shot changed to something different/

lower dose? or if there is anything i can take that could

help with this. I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence

that this spray will cover most unwanted tastes and smells.

However, I do need to point out that the very first ingredient listed is glycerin. If you have a sensitivity or have a concern about glycerin's effect on vaginal infections, I would skip this spray, especially if you intend on using it for cunnilingus or

fellatio that will flow into PIV sex..

vibrators Hello there! I am an outdoor loving enthusiast

(backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking) who is head over

heels in love with the woman of my dreams. I happen to also have a thing for letting the roles in the bedroom switch, becoming willing and capable

of taking whatever she might decide to give to me!

Since initially being turned on to pegging by a enlightened and

lovely ex girlfriend, it has been a extremely high percentage of solo play (100%).

Thanks to the great communication in my current relationship and a loving and accepting lady, it has entered my sex life

with my partner once again. vibrators

sex shop These are classic symptoms of anxiety, which I suffer from.

I know it's easy to say, "Don't put yourself in these situations," but

I always feel OKAY going into it and WORRY much later.

Isn't that odd?. I was browsing today and was looking at the sex furniture.

I am quite new to "sex toys" and the such. So maybe someone could explain to me the usefulness of these items.

Kazway,This can be tough, and I sympathize with you here!

I feel like discussing gender issues with some people really

does feel like talking to a wall. It's a lot harder to have

discussions like this when they relate to things that

are directly part of your life or the lives of people you care about.

I am a trans person with a fairly fluid gender identity

and my partner is genderqueer; I have had a lot of awkward conversations with people who

don't seem to respect how either of us identify.

sex shop

cock ring (You should be getting free shipping anyway!) The

toy is advertised as waterproof but nothing is ever 100% water

proof. Just be careful when you are running it under hot water that you are not pouring water into the controls or battery compartment.

If you have any other concerns or questions about TPR,

TPE, or this product don't hesitate to message me. Well,

initially, I was astonished at the size and weight of the box that this toy came in. It seemed more like

a box for a stereo system than a male masturbation sleeve.

Before I broke out the Sawzall to open 'er up, I was quite sure that

some mistake had been made.. cock ring

dildo I also like "you gave your love to me softly" by Weezer (even though it's

not particularly bouncy, it always gets me

up and going). Gasp. "when god fearin women get the blues" by

Martina McBride. I thought I would never

move on and so did everyone around me. So, a week or so before

we got out for Christmas break I met a really awesome guy and we hit it

off right away and so we started dating. We decided

to wait to do anything sexual till around our 6 month aniversay.

52 weeks of naughty nights is a scratch ticket game designed to be played between two partners: a man and a woman. The goal of the game

is to help a couple spice up their relationship in the bedroom with

new ideas and an element of surprise. Half of the cards are designed for the man to perform on the woman, while the

other half of the cards are designed for the woman to perform on the man..


fleshlight I was talking to my friend, who was telling me that his mom

took BC pills for 5 months into her pregnancy with him.

I asked him why she was taking them so long, and he said she didnt know she was pregnant.

His mom told him she went to several doctors to get tested for pregnancy and they all came out negative.

Most noticeable about the Tingle Urethral Sound is the size and thickness of the sound.

At around 7mm, the thickness of this sound will be

something that some beginners will not want to attempt.

The thickness compares to the 6th or 7th thickest urethral sound if you were to buy a set of 10 urethral sounds (like most urethral sounds

come packaged) and the 1st was the smallest and the 10th

was the largest. fleshlight

sex toys Bottom line: The neurological sensations between males and females are very

similar. So, males, if a female is not feeling what you do then you are

doing something wrong and you should blame your church for you not knowing.

It just the facts. Let's take a look at it another way

for anyone who doesn't think this is justified. Replace the word dog

with man with a knife. 21 feet or closer and an officer is taught to shot.

My wife could hold the remote while the plug was in her anus, with the cord between or around the outside of her

legs. When the toy is inserted anally, there isn't much distance between where the

base ends and the vaginal opening is, but the plug did not get in the way during sex.

The vibration is strong and can be felt by both people if you are having vaginal sex while the plug is inserted in the

anus.. sex toys

strap on I feel silly posting about periods when I

have had mine for quite a long time now, but they

used to be pretty regular. I think I once got

one 2 weeks early and that was years ago. At the moment

I'm really stressed for a number of reasons and on Monday I got my period 17 days after the last one.

Eduardo moved his dishes, one after the other, under the lens

of the microscope. The cells were perfect or so it seemed.

Each was furnished with all it needed to grow.

"Despite what some may think, Pauline is great in bed. She's better than any other woman I've ever slept with. Within the first day of being back together we had sex six times in 24 hours. strap on

male sex toys There's no reason to think that your experiences should be any better than mine," said Stone.

"The orange is different than the apples. Having kids is different than not having kids. Hundreds of characterful country house hotels have followed, and today there's a bewildering amount from which to choose. Here we present the cream of the crop. While some continue to offer no more than the pleasures of a beautiful old house, a roaring fire and a cup of tea, others cater to our increased demands: for spas, cookery courses and activities such as foraging. male sex toys

g spot vibrator First off, there's the so called 'love dome', with its 'mystical pleasure rings' (it makes the wand look like a scepter!), which is all right, I guess, but the rings are more annoying than mystical. Next, we have the 'mystical diving dolphin', which I have to admit, I just don't understand. Is it insertable or a clit stimulator (because it doesn't do either all that well)? The dolphin is cute, but fixed onto the screw on head via a very thin tail, so it bends very easily and readily when any sort of pressure is applied to it. g spot vibrator

fleshlight By June 1968, she was back on the air covering Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles, where she conducted one of the last broadcast interviews with the New York senator in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. She was at the Ambassador Hotel when he was fatally wounded by an assassin's bullets.. It will be a while before I can afford that one and 2. That Leaves us two pieces that we have to keep track of or store. Is there any difference between them as far as what one can do better than the other fleshlight.