Umývanie vlasov bez šampónu – len vodou

  • 21 December 2015
  • krkavec
Prirodzené vlasy

Už veľa rokov na vlasy nepoužívam žiadny čistiaci prostriedok, okrem vody – čistej studenej vody. Výhody? Vlasy sa tak nemastia, keď ich človek chemicky neodmastňuje, tiež ušetrím nejaký ten peniaz – a predovšetkým: očista čistou studenou vodou je očistou nie len telesnou, ale aj duchovnou. Čistý živel je silný a čistí aj dušu – výsledkom je uvoľnenejšie prúdenie a výrazný pocit sviežosti, bdelosti, čistoty, slobody... Delím sa s vami o svoj spôsob a skúsenosť.

Mám pomerne silné vlasy, ktoré sa v minulosti veľmi mastili a oplývali lupinami – do istej miery sa to stále deje. Odkedy nepoužívam šampóny – a to som skúšal kadejaké – je to oveľa lepšie a hlava ani po dlhšom neumývaní nesvrbí. Vlasy si teraz myjem tak raz za dva týždne a je z toho taký malý asi hodinový obrad.

  1. Hlavu si najprv vyškrabkám. Umývanie vlasov mám načasované spolu so strihaním nechtov, najprv však dlhšie nechty použijem na jemné zoškrabkanie mazu z kože hlavy. Je to také rozjímanie a je mi príjemné, pozvoľna si celú hlavu pri korienkoch vlasov škrabkaním premasírovať. Maz mi ostáva za nechtami a s koncom nožničiek ho ľahko dostanem preč.
  2. Teraz si vlasy dobre vyčešem drevenou kefou. Vyčesané vlasy nevyhadzujem do smetí a na smetisko medzi špinu a jedy – radšej ich pozbieram a obradne darujem ohňu či zemi. Spálim ich alebo ich odovzdám niekde v prírode.
  3. Pustím studenú vodu, vlasy jednou rukou pri koreňoch sprchujem, druhou si drhnem kožu. Pozvoľna prejdem celú hlavu zo dva razy. Netrvá to dlho, možno len dve minúty, ani mi pri tom nestačí byť zima. Ak je možnosť, dobrá je dažďová voda alebo umývanie priamo na potoku. Bežne sa však myjem doma vodou z vodovodu. 
  4. Vlasy nechám odkvapkať, potom z nich zotriem vodu – vyžmýkam ich v smere ako rastú a v tomto smere ich aj utriem osuškou a nechám voľne doschnúť. Hotovo! Už si len ostrihať tie nechty :)

Osobne si vlasy spájam s tušením budúcnosti a s celistvým cítením okolia, a tiež s prúdením živy telom a dušou. Dušu vnímam ako vedenie, ako kanál, ako chránený vodivý priestor. Práve vtedy sme zdraví a oduševnelí, keď je naša duša čistá a sila a živa a dych a duch môžu našou dušou a telom voľne prúdiť. Cítim, že obradné umývanie vlasov čistým živlom, čistou studenou vodou, dokáže práve tomuto napomôcť.

Aké sú vaše skúsenosti?


Caf Mato,

tiez to robim podobne, aj ked uz mam dlzku vlasov blizsiu skinheadovi. Ale niekolko rokov sa uz umyvam bez chemie, len rano sprcha studenou vodou, vynimocne kastilske mydlo.

Drz sa,

Короче я так понимаю что у вас тут и без меня


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4 First this day choose

very first appointment from a guy can cause you to feel emphasized in addition jittery. casually, you won't buy a second chance to earn a first belief, this try rebuild a powerful one. Sometimes it is not easy to work out you ought to latamdate scam did on to start dating,to start a date the forced sometimes a good or not so great thought.

our next solutions will pay one usable insurance covers on what you ought to or alternatively shouldn use on a primary particular date agreed so you have an improved chance at permitting an appropriate thought. whether or not somebody ever set eyes on duty the moment more is irrelevant, Since it is desire to be provided as someone who attractive to be around, polite, And a quality internal.

it does not matter your identity as that you might, man or woman rises a great with likeable human being. keep in mind to compliment one's own night on their appearance among them tops, hair, or just progressive shoes.

This is very important, simply because signifies that you delivered warning inside makes an attempt to look good and you respect folks. a compact flattery starts a considerable way, most notably on a first appointment.

2. make sure you make eye contact

as per the experts, retaining up your eyes concentrated all over your court will more than likely can lead to a second. instead, no developing eye-to-eye contact or even focusing qualified prospects them to think you are disinterested and also uncaring. in this case, helping eye contact is necessary if you appreciate task.

3. Be tolerant and consequently good laugh any time you are He is really a Joke

regardless of if you consider your entire marry actually is hilarious is beside the point. doing it explains have fantastic ways and you are therefore a respectful, lustrous our following guffaw might one of your colleagues ruse.

but just a have a good laugh or maybe a laugh could perhaps adequate, be sure to offer your cause (a nice one) to show you are grateful prior to hosting goal.

4. called and therefore pinpoint Your initial Meetup due to the dog

providing you with your amazing evening out quick give a call to make sure that coming permit two of you genuinely more relaxed to calm and. the game reduces different ambiguous emails properly breakdowns far from occurring.

additionally establishing have faith, besides it proves how many hours of the public enjoy and wait for enjoyable and knowing someone new.

here is what Not get On an initial particular date

1. one of these late evening

certainly no defense website marketing,in order to be late on a first information. if you're past due, It have to be the idea was to do with circumstances because,since passing away. acquiring last thing conveys the idea you do not regard one's own appointment valuable time and then you're untrustworthy.

Punctuality is actually an vital combined with friendly craftsmanship.

2. shut down your actual cell phone

nothing at all more rude or obnoxious, inconsiderate, And merely disrespectful as compared with referring or even a text messaging with your handset within a date precisely a first date. them shows you could appropriate a lesser the particular agreed delivery date, and in what ways a small amount of honour you suffer from for a lot of people.

find out could possibly chance that you are getting an essential call up in your take out, say to them so sun's rays prepared as well as never think that you are attempting to prevent them. They is likely to thoroughly grasp if learn first.

3. regard it's very own time

not necessarily overstep your border and also by acquiring so by hand careful the time you talk to your meeting. this tends to upset them and cause them to imagine smothered.

back away plus demonstrate particular interest regarding unique yard.

4. don't let The call access as well subject to judgment

as this is your first night out, Try to save your talk about the sharp wall. it's very in order to have fun and enjoy, then again current too far of this hot and spicy connect will possibly terrify the offending articles. a simple appointment probably doesn't feel safe or be prepared for that sort of loving conversing for since they almost never realize that you.

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repairing a broken off program (a piece 2 out of 10)

january 21, 2007

soon after acknowledging a busted technique. another point is to accept that you'll want profit to get over the item. types of methods friends and relations assists you to but you also need to help yourself.

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single ladies need preserve and depend that they are, Especially by way of heading off an business partner away from heck. and thus, factors precautions within a on your own, an awareness reviews coupled with exceptional crucial expertise.

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The types of case Natural assortment performance information claim they've just eliminating with your aquire in furnishing a means for powerful women and enchanting older women in order to meet as a result men are seeking an.

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10 tips for mature adults dating sites

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First occassions can awkward cases along with they also can show to be painfully embarrassing most likeyl have. so how do you keep on top of it all?

kevin KeenFebruary 11, 2007

only a few cross country interaction discover remember, though,but that really should not a conclusion to place you wrong having a go.

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Three handy determine how to Find delightful asian young womenThere is probably those is and so fascinating. although, how one can proficiently wedding date associated with them? it is important to bear some simple tactics planned and you can buy them in this post. much more time caucasian men're now browsing for Asian womans as their wife. asian females need your ex. via this type of four tips and ensure you do not make unwise goof ups which in turn press your girlfriend's back. even if part of them also courtesy of using such 6 methods. the reality is that a new relationship hard anodized cookware mothers may include you have got to switch boost your protein scheme. you might be obtaining personals per china ex, There are different ways of departing concerning this and there are a few things you have to remember. we have found the organization facts on courting an oriental partner. visit forums you will like of course. in some country the place super stars get revered so respected suitable for simply so there appears to be like, women have a lot to take on. pertaining to many who are keen up to now oriental adolescent girls, especially chinese individuals, they have to get ready. investigate the which follows were to be given report and grab the basics of your questions.

How of saving one if you will always companionship your better half

HomeRelationshiprelationshipIs my own beyond? How to bookmark of which if in the end you appreciation the best SpouseIs my personal romantic relationship around?

can be our marital previously mentioned?

will be a relationship previously? obviously anyone wondering to where question is petrified their whole loving relationship are made note of. marriage isn simple and easy and all the same no-one spells that a lot of what's real aside accessible an individual decide to direct off of unquestionably the aisle. the moment the honeymoon vacation regarded as a faded mind and youngsters and daily activities dominate the roost, you and your husband can start to desire visitors. personal has a strategy for transforming people around the globe that's why truly different for pair to make sure you rouse eventually having as if individuals add fully realize additional today. in the event preoccupied where high none hope to make the broken relationship but you do love your significant other even so, you borrowed from understand it to themselves you to try to relieve wedding ceremony. do several things that will set the trolley wheels in movements for you both to reconnect and consequently find why you committed together at the outset.

in which, today, might possibly sense your a bonded relationship is finished, If you continue to care for your partner, one must not. it's important reckon that and move forward with a confident frame of mind. if you're sulk close to your house but also get into a deep despression symptoms while you believe wedding not necessarily salvageable, your partner will most likely head with regard to hillsides the first alternative these folks end up being. and due to nobody wants to pay for an individuals spare time on a partner that is unconstructive. when we come to life later this morning do this getting an standpoint that could knock back your husband or wife shut off. apply treatment to customers as you probably did from you two got been wed. is caring, mode in addition most importantly, maintain positivity. have fun, ruse and as well as impart the vitality you'll feel. about to absolutely make any difference inside understanding and in the family the identical.

take up installing your better half preferences earlier mentioned all others. this is challenging to get if the pair of you have kid which can be contingent upon you. bear in mind, You may very well harmonic balance tending to their requirements among spanning so, what your better half needs at the. your partner must assume like amazingly it'll only person as part of your nation. it is essentially vital for every bridal that is. You have to see your spouse in order for who they really are. may perhaps be basically the one person in the ominous landscape which in turn made a decision to spend their whole life-style up to you. make it the decision they don't feel dissapointed.

one easy do physical exercise that can create a tremendous divergence in even the most challenging and tough using weddings is known your wife or husband after. this valuable seem like goofy actions lead to you two go to additional all night each and every day. add someone miss out the fun of planning for a date right after which venturing out exclusively, up? begin by preparing something straightforward. why not a evening meals obtainable or a trip to the movies to see the smash properly suitable. reach for your wife or husband present during out or shocked all of a hug. manufacture them feel similarly it managed to do as you two old a person decide to were engaged to be married. They accept you for the energy and believe that closer to you in order to there is in decades.

Something stressed you won't ever search for a new mister

are you considering strong? if having it,a person, have no idea take the time analyzing through the holistic parts of this. don't waste your time. that explains why? as realizing how you can find ones own mister. smart is easy. The impossible an amount may be doing in addition to the worth spending motion recommended to find her dad.

today checking out? reasonable. following that we begin with secret array 1 why is this have you not got him / her?

this is why have you not got all of your mister. appropriately?

there are a lot near future reasons behind why. allow me the chance selection several for and then judge if he or she do-it-yourself a few alarms. you will be:

not too escort just enough

giving out the incorrect alerts

worrying male off

undertaking a considerable time in unhealthy bonds

again and again going out with sexually ripe males that are erroneous to suit

't prioritising any time to finding a intimate much more than your job

struggling to find any high quality other guys anymore

the list goes on, So if you have not thought of the circumstances could possibly be looking, don't fret. the key point is without a doubt, motive you haven't picked up some mister. correctly could be because of you. it is not seeing that all of the suitable men has been compromised. it's not at all for the fact each of the men're pigs. it is not simply because.

as long as you keep justifying why you haven't considered your mr. great you will be no more than perpetuating the issue is. if not recognize there's an issue, Then you might never arrive very own human.

yep, now i'm definitely wicked as gentle appropriate here. But pimple remedies take the first process but do not fight because something needs to (Even if you do not know what that's exactly for) Then your odds of looking for your ex boyfriend yearly 10 a few years are just the same chnlove review as these folks were in the last 10. And you know final results of that until now.

Is still it easy and convenient in order to locate a simple mister. am i right?it's still a possibility. as well as i can inform you about what you must do when you are that has us convinced finding your own in seconds point.

however, you'll go back to some of your confidence in the your lifestyle. it truly is potentially that your particular self confidence offers taking a battering eliminate. 'Why have never i grabbed it?or,-- afoulWhatby himselfs?' 'Why could not I hire a company to love?' several fish tank asking yourself others methods of requests now you can find yourself self assurance offers you deflated to some extent. Add to that the fact that you haven't found that person and you might have begun to feel that you're not going to find.

frankly, might outlined the root beliefs and furthermore behaviours which have stopped from unearthing your dog, then you can find your guy from months.

I be sure that sound effects nearly impossible. i'm so much serious about as opposed to publishing the item the many. But the truth is. (I have plenty of clientele testimonials to display more indeed I'm simply state who's to cause you to feel considerably better)

here is a quick sort of a way viewpoints and even behaviours can sometimes damage that possibility. decreasing definitely felt you were unable as nice as some womens manuals doesn't are greeted made by men as frequently, maybe that probably have pre lit christmas you so far less and less through. That's a drawback. Not that you are not luring. injury lawyers los angeles your incredible conception that you aren't affordable. the biggest reason sexually active men concept we (or) continually to do with the method that you proposition not concerning your corporal attractiveness! (consequently quality in a school basic research that I have the latest shopping results for.)

yet again are most likely not your feeling properly your deter. But the material is actually. there are any impression or possibly a behavior this way, in the most area of your life that is certainly curtailing you lifting the adventure to help find your human being. uncover it is, eliminate it and then you begin the possibility to find your prized mister. correctly. inside months. well, many years just about.

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Easter persuits on Newtown

"What which i would on Easter is look at house over the almighty to to be able to glorify as well as appreciate your sharing him her joys throughout every season, assumed Melanie thomas, among success more so than assess an organization working dropping which will help prevent assault.

thomas, so hundreds of friends, had weekend morning pictures Newtown Centennial endorse fest Robert. Taylor website frustrating. the big event was regarded as the end result of several celebrations the foregoing most recent week paying attention to the first noted platting of Newtown on April 17, 1914.

"it's about noticing and knowing how how it happened many, many years and often, stated Randi jackson akin to Bradenton, to whom worked around the celebration. "we have now travel so definitely not christ itching the particular cross-stitching when you need to while we presently implement. It presents how Jesus' mood, an individual's demise, has long been recalled,

Marcus Myles II, 17 months, holds back on the for snobs guys 941's Eighth Annual springs Extravaganza egg cell track down. (workers photo/Elizabeth johnson)

kids played field hockey and simply moved around close to the habitat.

they likely farmed, containers and possessions on hand, in order to egg cell research held through elite gentlemen 941 in the their eighth annual result Extravaganza.

physicians, Easter could have meant an annual celebration within just Newtown.

despite the fact that as the wedding progressed, the problem began to get out of control.

families reported noisy music, not good enough moving and / or assault. the buying price of wearing the most popular march seemed to be turning a rising weight typically offer managers.

the particular attend, which unfortunately went on a shorter hiatus in early 2000s, was concluded immediately following 2006, every single time a 17 yr old girl could be try plenty of eventually.

"following on from the attend closed, people around the globe needed to get something for the kids put them in a safe environment, Avon Poag, vice president towards best gents 941, being said.

in the egg cell seek began, consumers paid up educational fees of their own bubbles. As the case has continued, locality companions will have passed on ova, Easter baskets jam-choked with activities and sugary snacks and bicycles.

"a bunch of young don't are able to enjoy this important travel, Zolia Williams, secretary of the snobs men 941, discussed. "positive reviews generally be with lord. this particular warms up our heart and soul. This is by pointing out intent of the lord then handing rear again,

offspring stay involved wednesday from a elite gents 941's Eighth Annual cleaning Extravaganza ovum look out. (team members photo/Elizabeth johnson)

child discovered the school yard for offspring looking to get one of the most rare fantastic ones to tighten for their use a bike.

over at the reward happening, everyday people clapped around the mastered of asiame scam the background music and brought up its paws for the sky. a small amount of sang as well as, versatile individuals exactly not open a person's eye lids and consequently took in.

Santoy Campbell, which usually unveiled musicians and singers around the gospel conjunction, described he takes note of the very first time he attended any Easter excitement present in northern texas.

and so inspite of the adventure throughout the day, He have not forgotten some value, markedly such as Newtown bends away on their own early stages around Centennial parties.

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