Potlačené spomienky

  • 11 July 2014
  • krkavec

Na biológii nás učili, že ontogenéza je skrátená podoba fylogenézy. Teda, že životný vývoj jednotlivca prechádza podobnými obdobiami, ako dejinný vývin celého druhu. Predkovia nás, ľudí, boli v jednom dávnom bode jednobunkovce. Doteraz tak každý z nás začína – ako spermia a vajíčko.

Ľudský zárodok rastie a rozvíja sa a postupne sa podobá na kadečo – na okamih má vzadu na krku niečo ako oko a potom na chvíľu zas chvostík...

Z raného detstva nemám spomienky. Žiadne. Z detstva mám pár útržkov...

Žeby potlačené spomienky? Je za tým nejaká násilná udalosť? V mojom živote sa nič nestalo. Žeby v dejinách? Možno je to len dôsledok bežnej výchovy. Bol som daný do kočíka, plakal som sám v postieľke s drevenými mrežami. Odložili ma do škôlky. Normálne detstvo. Normálnosť podmienená dejinným vývojom.

Alebo sa spomienky len rozplynuli – tak, ako sa rozplynie sen, akonáhle po zobudení nad nami prevezme vládu naše velebené rozumné myslenie?

Vlastne vtedy sa moje spomienky začínajú. Čítam si detské encyklopédie. Som rozumný a verím, že Slnko je obyčajná žeravá guľa. Čítam o archeológoch, o Konštantínovi a Metodovi. O úsvite dejín a civilizácie. Čo bolo pred tým?


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BRYANT: (Laughing) Well, he's a great player. And on a basketball court,

obviously, that's all we can really judge. We don't know them as people.

Learning and mastering other maneuvers to get around a checker helps build your arsenal of offensive weapons and improves your ability substantially.

Take a Zig, Then a Zag One of the most useful ways to fake out

a checker is probably one of the most difficult to master, so let's start with that one first, shall we?

The technique is called "zig zagging," which is like a half

step cross over in each direction. Start by skating in a straight line, then quickly bring one foot over

in front of the other as if you were going to start cross overs to that side.

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Peter told Renee they might have the opportunity to meet Steve Carlton,

a former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, at a members only Hall of Fame event that month.

They made the trip and brought two brand new Rawlings baseballs in boxes

for autographs. Peter put one of the boxes, which held an engagement ring, in his sports coat pocket..

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wholesale jerseys from china Know what they've been taught, said Sundance, who

goes by only one name. The United States, we have

propaganda that allows this to go unchecked because it

convenient to subjugate Native Americans to sell merchandise.

It asked readers, Wahoo and other Native American mascots,

logos, and names: Racist or not? Out of more than 5,300 votes cast by Friday afternoon, nearly a

third said such depictions of ethnic groups were racist and that Chief Wahoo should be replaced.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping It is important to note that the other individual central

to this saga is the iconic Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who was apparently the target of Sterling's racist remarks.

This is not just any fan being told to stay away, it is a former NBA superstar, successful businessman and

entrepreneur, and social activist. Johnson became a beacon for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and has recently been lauded for the

way in which he has positively and openly responded

to the news that his youngest son MJ is gay.. Cheap Jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys china Japan trailed only 12 7 at half

time but leaked five tries in 20 minutes after the interval.

They had a man sent to the sin bin for an offence that drew only a penalty when Scotland committed the same transgression. TMO was unusually reticent when Scotland dubious second try was not reviewed.

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a storm. Oceanfront homeowners want a judge to exempt them from a

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Driving onto the beach is legal, but be sure your

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When your catalog arrives in the mail, your customer should immediately recognize it as belonging to your company.

Customer loyalty depends on a certain level of predictability, which

breeds familiarity and comfort. They know what to expect from your catalog, and they

know how to find what they looking for within it.

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He's ebooks and others did. Kansas senior

F Perry Ellis came in as the only player in the Big 12 to rank in the top

seven in scoring (third) and rebounding (seventh).

He averaged 20.2 points in the previous five games, and he was

coming off a double double (23 points, 10 rebounds) at TCU on Feb.

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Remember always that communication goes in two directions.

Re: remains the same. The Canadian national anthem was always intended to

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Canadian should feel when they hear it. Though the line says all

thy sons command the point was not to favour a gender,

it was to bring everyone that is Canadian together. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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Then, he and his awful hat started traveling around the country, speaking at public events about murdering government officials.

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"It could take weeks to fix it and you have to pay the lost rental fees. Was as persistent and intense as anyone I encountered since that door to door encyclopedia salesman who came by when my kids were little. I obligated to take it? I finally snarled..

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Cheap Jerseys from china I'll look for the quiet girls who are shyly off to the side. I'll gladly praise the boys when the hyper ones take it down a notch. I'll give the girls hard feedback without fearing for their fragile female selves. 1559: Kloden has cracked, he's 22 seconds or so behind the front three and the Schleck brothers have got the upper hand now. Both of them look like making major gains in the overall standings. Wiggo and Lance are two minutes and 13 seconds behind them and the yellow jersey.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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" said Benny Bueno, one of the sport's best players for 24 years before retiring in 2005. "People don't want

to be seen at jai alai frontons. Cheap Jerseys free


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actually voted as 'The Madis Gras King.' The male student may or may not have referred to himself

as 'The Lizard King' as a shortened version. The irony of all of this

is that one of the former 'Colonel Rebs' is later Chancellor 'Darth' Robert Khayat.

So who was patrolling Ole Miss sidelines BEFORE the seemingly gentile old plantantion owner with a whoop ass walking stick for runaway slaves, you might ask?

The answer would be a male student dressed as a Confederate soldier (in gray uniform) carrying the Battle Flag of the

Army of Northern Virginia. wholesale jerseys from china

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cheap jerseys Lady Gaga is to sing the national anthem prior to Sunday's Super Bowl

and there's an over/under on how long it's going to

take her to be done. If she wears her infamous meat dress,

it'll be done in about two hours at 400

degrees People can bet on anything related to the NFL championship game.

Here's some friendly advice: Go with the over on Lady Gaga, the Carolina

Panthers over the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning to throw two interceptions, and the talking amoeba over the

Clydesdales for favourite ad According to the National Chicken Council,

Americans will eat a record 1.3 billion chicken wings during Sunday's game cheap jerseys.

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Believe that we are paying more than we should be, the commissioner said recently, noting the average player salary

has gone from $1.45 million to $2.45 million under the previous deal.

Said publicly they rather keep playing under this deal.

My sense is they prefer to keep things the way they are, and that kind of slows up the process.

cheap nfl jerseys Asked if he hopes they play Tuesday

against San Jose or at least in the finale Saturday against Calgary, Torchetti said, see.

I mean, I hoped they could play today. Chris Porter is the lone healthy

scratch tonight. Boxed chocolates, gift sets, home decor,

cosmetics, cookware and so much more. Enter Mr.

B's contest to win a spa day with your mom!. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china The rush of fervently strummed acoustic

guitars that open the track are the result of a brainstorm by one of his other favourite

people, producer Chris Walla. The Death Cab

for Cutie guitarist lends his own band's momentum and pop sensibility to

The Grand Bounce, and the sound is given shape by The Country of Miracles,

the backing band Downie has employed for his three solo albums so far.

The musicians, including members of The Dinner Is Ruined, straddle the boundary between experimental music

and indie rock; on The Grand Bounce, their sonic weirdness hovers around the edges

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cheap nfl jerseys In a national survey commissioned by the American Kite Surfing Association (AKSA), kite surfing,

a relatively new sport in North America is ranked as the top Extreme Sport.

The margin of error in this research is +/ 2%. Other extreme activities were far distance in ranking including skateboarding,

snowboarding, surfing, inline skating, BMX,

MotoX.This dramatic interest in the athletically demanding sport has given AKSA founders encouragement about the value of their newly founded organization. cheap nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Bangalore need a lot more of these.17.5: A Rajpoot to K Jadhav, Jadhav drags

it towards long on. A single is taken.17.4: A Rajpoot to T Head, Slower yorker around off, Head jams it

towards long off for a single.17.3: A Rajpoot to K Jadhav, Good length

delivery outside off, Jadhav pulls it through mid wicket for a single.17.2: A Rajpoot to T

Head, Length delivery around off, Head swings across the line and

gets a thick inside edge onto the pads. Gets hit on his

shoulder and the ball runs down behind the stumps.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Like fruit, the color ripens unevenly and in varying shades, so there can be blotches

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Though the Burmese Python is darker in shade. Tina

Turner update Thursday (tomorrow) is the day "Oprah" airs the interview with Tina Turner.

That's the episode where Turner announces the 2008 tour and says the first

show will be Oct. 1 at Sprint Center. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys Now, 15 years out of my cool girl phase, I consider myself a strong advocate for feminism

and equality. Whenever I see some 20 something on Twitter dragging feminism and stumping for the

patriarchy, I thank God that Twitter didn't exist to memorialize some of my earlier views for posterity.

Despite my own history, I worry that internalized misogyny

is so deep seated in some of these young women that they will never come around..

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wholesale jerseys from china Walking back through my

campground I came across a Lions fan keeled over with a pool

of vomit next to him. Someone told me the English could handle

their drink? Guess not. With blood shot eyes and

muddy knees, I received a quick glance followed by a look of

shame his mate rubbing his back before cracking open another Lion Red..

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Make sure the throttle is applied smoothly and released slowly.

This keeps the offroad tyres from spinning on acceleration or deceleration. Of course they've come up with an excuse for this, which

is efficiency. With a regular bike pedal, you only push down. Strapping your

feet in with those deathtraps allows you to also

pull the pedals up, giving you extra power, at the cost of immortality cheap nfl jerseys.

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The beast measured three metres long, more than a metre thick, and

weighed an estimated 272 kilograms.Kegan's father

said, in the 30 years he's spent on the water, he's never seen a fish that big."These fish are hooked, but they're just never landed this size. It's very, very rare that they actually get the fish in. We're thankful and I'm thankful that Kegan was diligent and stuck with it."'They are

a living dinosaur'That stick to itiveness is the reason Kegan and his father are

on a fishing trip in the first place.Earlier this year, the pair made a deal

that if Kegan achieved straight As in school, they would

go sturgeon fishing."I asked him what he was interested in and he said he had been studying in science about the link between alligators and sturgeon to prehistoric ancestry, and I said, 'Would you like to catch a big fish? A sturgeon?'" said Dan Rothman."I got interested in dinosaurs because in science we were studying what happened to them.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping This is its first playoff miss since 2013. The Bolts were eliminated Saturday night by Toronto's win over Pittsburgh"There was a time in early

February where we were not relevant at all and this team found the way to be

relevant all the way through Game 81,' said coach Jon Cooper.

"There were a lot of teams with a lot of points Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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The Sports Xchange By Eric Gilmore, The Sports Xchange Raiders Chiefs: What we learned OAKLAND, Calif.

On the Kansas City Chiefs' first play from scrimmage Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, running back

Jamaal Charles caught a screen pass from quarterback

Alex Smith in the left flat and raced 49 yards for a touchdown. That was just a hint of what was to come.

Cheap Jerseys from china With the constant increase

in human population, food production will remain one of our highest concerns.

While industrialized agriculture has greatly aided the expansion and increase in the population of the planet, there are valid criticisms in the movement.

Many question the sustainability of these practices, as overuse of pesticides

and insecticides could create resistent "super weeds".

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wholesale nfl jerseys Not the first time I been part of a coaching change.

It time to get back on the horse and get this thing turned in the right direction and start building on the positives

and get going in the right direction. Minutes

later, with the media scrum having dissolved into one lone

reporter, the refreshingly candid Franson revisited the question..

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Cheap Jerseys china The US women's gymnastics team is also dominating the team's score last night of just under 185

was more than eight points ahead of silver medalist Russia.

That's the biggest margin of victory since 1960. The Americans had the highest team score on every event and many are saying this is the best gymnastics team

ever. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap nfl jerseys The defense operated in the way of a heavyweight boxer,

using the first few minutes of the game to feel out the Patriots for

weaknesses, setting them up for the blow that would break their will.

It came halfway through the first quarter: Hampton and Dent busted through the Patriots' line,

Hampton on the left, Dent on the right. These men had not been blocked: they were what Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan called "free runners," meaning they hit

the New England quarterback Tony Eason going full speed. cheap nfl


wholesale jerseys This is not a minor issue. That up there is

an AT AT trying to shoot an enemy ship that's flying past it.

That's as far as it gets; it's like a huge, muscular guy who happens to have

his head frozen in a neck brace due to a crippling spinal

injury. Stander reminds me of Keith Wood in the way he carries with no interest in his

own well being. Jack McGrath hid CJ's lazy run around the lineout then linked onto Dev to

fake a maul. Welsh hooker Scott Baldwin, who was defending the tail,

bought the dummy drive which forced Priestland to tackle the charging

Stander.. wholesale jerseys

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Brannon did. Someday, inspiring, inclusive monuments to the ideals of Emancipation will become as ubiquitous in the South as monuments to the Confederate war effort are today.

Great public universities, and great public officials, should lead

in that effort..

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And every one could credibly threaten Oracle salespeople with

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Cheap Jerseys china Kraft presents Brady with Super Bowl jerseys (0:44)The hunt for Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys ends with Robert Kraft returning the

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MessengerPinterestEmailprintcommentFOXBOROUGH, Mass.

Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys are back in his possession, as the

New England Patriots tweeted a video Monday of owner Robert Kraft officially returning the jerseys to the quarterback..

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the Australians ran on green fields and swam year round and that was enough.

Enough to win many medals at Olympics after Olympics.

The 20 year old left back is a realistic target for the Gunners, who are reportedly long term admirers of the player.

Chilwell is capped by England at U18 level and would be

an affordable and logical signing. First choice left back Nacho Monreal is now 31 and back

up Kieran Gibbs has failed to assert himself at the top level.

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Good shelter from the prevailing NW wind. There is a rough stone mole on the south side

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Flywheel has grown from a single studio in New York City's

Flatiron neighborhood to a multinational fitness machine thanks to Zukerman's cult like following.

The competitive classes feature sweat resistant bikes that allow the spacious, stadium style studios customers to track personal progress and

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1534: Someone has just texted in to say I'm getting my

'ascent' and 'descent' mixed up. They're right,

I'm a ruddy idiot. Not a lot of sleep last night. Hey Newell arrived in time to grab the

diner place mat. Got it, he said, easing a crumpled yellow flyer

from the inside of Kenny underarm..

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The Bruins won two of the previous three meetings.

Cue the USA vs. And England topped ticket sales to the Cup).

We started out at an English pub outside Pretoria that had declared itself a vuvuzela

free zone, but England fans clearly didn't need them to get charged up.

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operator still must guide the machine. This direct contact with the surface conjointly ends

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I've worked hard to get into the Munster A side, and then the Munster side,

and then to get into the Irish team. I feel that if I am selected I

haven't broken any rules. Tennessee has grown accustomed to well rounded efforts

this season, as it not only shoots 44.6 percent from the field for 73.1 ppg

but yields just 63.1 ppg on 41.9 percent shooting. It also consistently has an advantage in the frontcourt, where

its +9.1 rebounding margin ranks sixth nationally.

McRae is the SEC's fifth leading scorer with 19.3 ppg, shooting 57 of 143 from beyond the arc (.399) and 108 of 137 at the free throw line (.788).

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cheap jerseys The first thing he buy if a big contract comes his

way? gotta get my mom whatever she wants, he said. She needs.

Has a good idea how his life would change, on and off the

field, if he makes the pros. Printed inside the number is

the name of every team to have won the French Cup.

Lopes put a clearly visible black line through Saint Etienne name, prompting

a furious reaction on social media for which he subsequently apologized.Lyon players

were second to every ball in a frenzied game at Stade Geoffroy

Guichard, a stadium nicknamed Chaudron (The Cauldron) because of the intense, hostile

atmosphere generated by passionate fans priding themselves on their industrial

roots.Saint Etienne, nicknamed Verts (The Greens), won a record 10

league titles and reached the European Cup

final in 1976. Lyon won seven straight league titles

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Here are the 10 high schools with the highest national standardized test scores.

While both ACT and SAT scores factor into a school's ranking, only SAT scores are included in the list below.

As such, a school with a higher average SAT score may fall below one with a lower

SAT score, but have a higher average when ACT scores factor


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people who giggled at the theory of having a bell on my bike..

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said Baker, who will run at Eastern Michigan University in the fall.

Push each other. We pick each other up when we are down. In the movie,

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enjoy some of the fab benefits from the hotel (I love that last night, we were

sitting outside on the pool level and they had little fire pits within each table.

In the morning their is a lid on top of them so you can sit out enjoying the weather (big plan for tomorrow morning).

We plan on ending this crazy busy day with a cocktail session at the hotel and then taking some time for ourselves at Buddha's Belly which is supposed to

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out of state school whose annual cost is estimated to be nearly $50,000 for undergraduate studies,

and tacked on costs for studying abroad for a year and

summer classes. Space also admits that she realized her mistakes while she was

still in school but didn transfer to a less expensive institution. Her

parents had initially planned to help with her college expenses, but

Space father was injured and has been unable to work for several years..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping There are three different rooms at the nightclub including the Dragonfly Lounge (house and

progressive music), the Main Terminal (dance,

R and hip hop) and the Red Room ('80s house). The club has several

house deejays, such as D. Fields, Sara, Wes Walz and

Anita Bump.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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with mean annual wages of $82,610 and mean hourly wages of $39.72.

Other top paying states include Nevada, New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas.

El Paso, Texas is the highest paying metropolitan area for occupational therapists, with annual mean wages

of $96,470 and average hourly wages of $46.38. wholesale nfl jerseys

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car to drive, but it's competent, refined, safe and secure.

Renault reflects this with a range of engines familiar from the rest of its range: none is particularly fast, but all do a fuss free job and are pretty economical.Supermini based crossovers are a big hit with buyers, none more so than the Renault Captur.

Thanks to a range of competitive finance options, as well as the car's smart looks and wide variety of personalisation options,

the Captur has been a sales hit.The Captur sticks to the small crossover

formula well, as it's bigger than the Renault Clio on which it's based, but

isn't too big to be intimidating cheap nfl jerseys.

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